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Often times when people think of dance lessons, they believe that people only take them to become a professional dancer - but that's simply not the case! Street Dance carries a wealth of physical, mental, and social benefits that anyone can take advantage of. No matter whether you're a trained veteran or a total beginner, we offer teenagers from across Crewe, Sandbach, and beyond the opportunity to reap the benefits of our incredibly fun Street Dance Classes.

Maybe your teen has taken other classes in the past but never received proper instruction. Or perhaps you're simply looking for a healthy outlet for your teen that can also develop well-rounded skills. Nearly every aspect in life can be positively impacted through quality Street Dance Classes, and we can't wait for your teen to join us here at TGA Street Dance.

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Serving Our Community Through Teen Street Dance

Street Dance here at TGA Street Dance itself offers a holistic approach to health and wellness, and when your teen starts our classes they become exposed to a world of new and exciting challenges. With so much tech and electronics being such a focal point in today's society, it can sometimes be difficult to get your teen up and moving in a productive manner. Dance offers the possibility to not only get up and moving, but also the chance to build confidence and poise while learning particular patterns and techniques.

We strive to serve people all across our community here in Crewe, with our doors being open and welcoming to everyone that steps through. We respect each student's development and make it a point to encourage well-rounded training to develop each student's own creativity while enhancing their abilities.

In our Teens (13-16 Years Old) Programme:

Our teens class focus not only on learning all of the fundamentals of street dance, but living a way of life.

We teach the core principles of respect and discipline, as well as valuable life lessons about respecting themselves and other people.

Learning street dance can be a great way to develop confidence and social skills and also meeting new friends.

As part of our syllabus, we have many options for students to develop themselves further with the encouragement to pursue the next level.

Our Teen Street Dance Classes offer students the chance at:

  • Improving physical coordination and posture
  • Enhancing focus and mental fortitude
  • Developing social skills
  • Building self-confidence

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TGA Street Dance works to help your teen develop their creative space. As they grow physically, mentally, and emotionally here at the academy, you will begin to see your teen create their own sense of space around them. Whether you're here in Crewe or Sandbach, our team of professional instructors can help make a positive impact through the art of street dance.

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