Junior Street Dance in Crewe

Street Dance Classes Can Help Your Child Grow

Choosing an activity for your child to be involved in can help shape their future. There's a variety of options for after-school activities, but making the right decision for health, fitness, and discipline can often be tricky. TGA Street Dance offers Juniors Street Dance Classes that offer lessons in all these things and more while held in a healing and accepting environment. We invite Juniors, ages 7-12 from Crewe, Sandbach, Nantwich, and beyond to come find healthy ways of movement and self expression to allow them to be independent, strong, and creative.

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What Can Street Dance Classes Offer My Kids?

One of the most important things for kids growing up now is finding a supportive environment to stay active and learn new forms of expression. Our Street Dance Classes in Crewe foster proficiency in dance technique that is age appropriate while encouraging discipline, confidence, poise, and, most of all, fun!

Learning Street Dance can help your child:

  • Improve their physical coordination and posture
  • Make new friends in a safe, uplifting environment
  • Build confidence and self-discipline
  • Have a fun activity to look forward to after school

Crewe's Source For Street Dance

At TGA Street Dance, we are proud to provide all age groups and skill levels with the highest quality street dance training. We know that as your child grows, there are different things that they can handle and that they will encounter. That's why we've set up a few different programmes that are either age-specific or ability specific so that way your child can learn in a group of their peers and grow at a speed that is comfortable for them.

Juniors (7-12 Years Old)

The Street dance juniors programme is a high paced class in a disciplined and structured environment. Your child will learn to work as a team, build confidence and have fun as they blend their own hip-hop styles. We pair our teaching with life lessons such as respect and self-control and concentration.

As part of the syllabus each child will be encouraged to pursue the next level. To move through the system your child not only has to perform well in class, but in school and home life. To progress students must learn to take responsibility for themselves, whether through making their own bed, or getting ready for school. Through this we bring together a sense of self-development and equip each student with the metal tools to make the most out of life.

All Street Dance Classes incorporate:

  • Music and rhythmicity
  • Coordination and kinetics
  • Quality artistic training
  • Comprehensive, age-appropriate curriculum 

Start Your Child In Street Dance Classes Today!

TGA Street Dance is proud to help kids get the outlet they need to move, learn, and have a great time with good friends. As they grow physically, mentally, and emotionally through our Street Dance curriculum, you're bound to see your child express themselves comfortably and confidently. Whether you're in Crewe or in nearby Sandbach or Nantwich, our welcoming school can teach your child important life lessons through Street Dance.

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