Kids Street Dance in Crewe

Prepare Your Child For Anything They Might Face With Street Dance Classes

Here at TGA Street Dance, we understand the importance of setting your child up for success in many different ways. We are proud to serve the community of Crewe by offering Kid's Street Dance classes geared towards development and fitness. Our classes are designed to instill such confidence in your child that they will be able to face the world stronger each day. Also, we'll make sure that your child has a great time learning all that we have to offer!

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The Perfect Development Programme

We use Street Dance as a tool to incorporate useful life-skills in your child's life. We start with physical control, move on to mental fortitude, and tie it all together with character development. By utilizing this multi-layer approach, we guarantee that you will see a difference in your child as they progress through our classes!

With Kids Street Dance classes, your child can develop:

  • Greater confidence and self-respect
  • Helpful physical techniques to keep them active
  • Increased responsibility and manners
  • Amazing learning skills that help inside and outside of dance class

Street Dance For Kids of All Ages

We know that as your child grows, there are different things that they can handle and that they will encounter. That's why we've set up a few different programmes that are either age-specific or ability specific so that way your child can learn in a group of their peers and grow at a speed that is comfortable for them.

In our Little G's (4-6 Years Old) Programme:
Your child will be introduced in to the world of street dance in a positive, safe and structured manner. We offer high-energy classes that keep your child moving and help them to release all their day-to-day energy. Our classes will help your child improve their confidence, flexibility, fitness and strength.

From the moment they enter the class to the moment they leave the children are on their feet performing fun activities and movements. These are all designed to improve their core strength, stamina and flexibility. Our programme promotes confidence, focus and strength while providing a positive structure for their life outside of street dance.

We teach life skills and mental defense that are specific to the age group they are in as we know that children learn at different levels and what they need at different ages changes and develops. Each week we have a subject as part of our life skills programme. These include respect, discipline and focus and are paired with character training that involves school safe, street safe.


Start Your Child's Education With Street Dance

You can't start to prepare for difficulties in life too early. Our Kid's Street Dance Classes at TGA Street Dance are a smart, safe, and healthy way to promote your child's personal confidence and self-esteem!

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