Little G’s Classes

Little G’s

(4-6 Yrs)

Your child will be introduced in to the world of street dance in a positive, safe and structured manner. We offer high-energy classes that keep your child moving and help them to release all their day-to-day energy. Our classes will help your child improve their confidence, flexibility, fitness and strength.

From the moment they enter the class to the moment they leave the children are on their feet performing fun activities and movements. These are all designed to improve their core strength, stamina and flexibility. Our program promotes confidence, focus and strength while providing a positive structure for their life outside of street dance.

We teach life skills and mental defence that are specific to the age group they are in as we know that children learn at different levels and what they need at different ages changes and develops. Each week we have a subject as part of our life skills program. These include respect, discipline and focus and are paired with character training that involves school safe, street safe.

TGA Street Dance





Working hand in hand with a child’s schoolwork and through dedicated intense work our students are taught that all worthwhile goals in life are possible. Our award willing children’s program is designed to help teach children important qualities of respect, discipline, self-control and confidence. They will also learn great character and street dance skills.

  • Discipline
  • Respect
  • Confidence
  • Stranger Danger
  • Concentration
  • Drug Awareness
  • Coordination
  • Anti Bullying
  • Temper Control



"My daughter started here at the end of last year. Her confidence has grown massively since starting, she’s made some lovely friends"

Vickie Boden

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