Little G’s

(4-6 Yrs)

Your child will be introduced in to the world of street dance in a positive, safe and structured manner. We offer high-energy classes that keep your child moving and help them to release all their day-to-day energy. Our classes will help your child improve their confidence, flexibility, fitness and strength.


(7-12 Yrs)

The Street dance juniors program is a high paced class in a disciplined and structured environment. Your child will learn to work as a team, build confidence and have fun as they blend their own hip-hop styles. We pair our teaching with life lessons such as respect and self-control and concentration.


(13-16 Yrs)

Our teens class focus not only on learning all of the fundamentals of street dance, but living a way of life. We teach the core principles of respect and discipline, as well as valuable life lessons about respecting themselves and other people.



Our adults class is aimed at having fun, being apart of a group whilst also learning the fundamental street dance style.

"My little girl loves coming! She can’t wait for Monday to come so she can go dancing!"

Kelsey Ashworth

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