Soar British Championships

Well what a weekend we have had in Manchester for the huge competition which is SOAR British championships.

Our students have had a huge build up for the event, where dance schools from as far as Ireland came to compete to take the title of the “British champions”.

For most of our students it was their first big national competition.

We took 5 teams, ranging from the under 8s category, all the way up to the parents category.

We feel having a variety of ages gives all of our students at TGA the opportunity the compete. 

The full weekend competition began on the Saturday where our students competed in solo categories. 

Each age group had a huge amount of amazing competition, where our students had to be watched by the judges whilst dancing to music of the DJs choice. 

The judges then would choose who they want to progress to each round 

Followed by solos, they moved on to duos which had to same format but our students love to compete in these rounds as they get to have fun with their dance partner. 

The last day of the competition is the section that our students work extremely hard in – TEAMS! 

The teams are judged based on Originality, Technique, Musicality, Execution and Performance 

Our students give their all to be the best that they can be to make the judges enjoy their performance as much as they do. 

The results are below 

Team DETONATE – Our youngest competition team smashed it in the 8 and Under Category and came away with an amazing 2nd Place 

Team EXODUS – The team did so well to come away with a 3rd place in the 14 & Under category which was a difficult category 

Team DYNAMIC DADS – After a lot of work to add in new members and create new routines, Dynamic Dads managed to get all of the judges on their feet and take the BRITISH CHAMPIONSHIP title in the Parents category 

Overall, the Teams did AMAZING and all students danced their hearts out!

The competition was extremely tough and to do as well as they did was outstanding! 

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